Acadia Green Initiative


Let's talk about Acadia's Green Initiative!

The Cannabis industry has always been a major consumer and producer of waste. From disposable vapes and cartridges, to the containers which the flowers and extracts are put in, waste is found all across the Cannabis industry; the majority of which is not properly disposed and recycled of. As sustainability is one of the tenants of Acadia, we are making sure we are doing our part in solving this global problem.


Our goal is to keep as much trash off of the streets, rivers and streams as possible; and the majority of this will be facilitated through our community cleanup initiatives held across Rochester, and through our Green Initiative, which will be a recycle program at each of our retail locations!


At each store, we will have available a well-marked and locked box to drop off Hemp & Cannabis related packaging that has either been purchased in our store, or other stores in the area! No matter where you get it from, we would like to be the solution! Every few days, we will take this trash and dispose of it properly!


At each store drop off, we will have marked exactly what can be recycled; and we'll have some helpful information to share with you too!

Just one of the first ways we can help, is to educate!

What can be recycled and what can't be recycled?


  • #5 Polypropylene and #2 HDPE Containers (Cannabis Flower Packaging) 
  • Glass Bottles (CBD/THC/Kratom Tinctures)
  • Uncoated Paper Box (Vape box packaging, anything uncoated)
  • Aluminum Can (Hard candy tins)
  • Bubble Packaging (Acadia's shipping packaging)


  • Mylar Bags (Flower Packaging)
  • Plastic Caps (Caps of tinctures)
  • Coated boxes (Vape boxes, hemp cigarettes etc)