Acadia Community Cleanup

Welcome to the Acadia Community Cleanup Signup Form

Acadia is devoted to sustainability in our community in Rochester, New York and beyond. Life long lovers of the Adirondacks and Finger Lakes Region, we take the slogan Leave No Trace to heart, and we believe that it should apply to more than just nature.

Leave No Trace

We believe that creating a brighter future starts in our own neighborhood; it starts within all of us. Leave no Trace is more than just a idea, it's a way of life. When our municipalities fail our communities in collecting waste off of the streets, it is up to the people to take action and help build a safer and cleaner environment. The majority of waste ends up in our rivers, and consequently our oceans. By targeting the problem at its core, we can finally begin to heal our environment and create a cleaner and brighter future for generations to come.

Inspire Others

Actions speak louder than words. By working as a community and working together to solve our problems, we will inspire those around us to do the same. We truly believe that this ripple effect can start in one place, and spread across the world. It takes just one person's actions to inspire hundreds or even thousands to do the same. Start now and see where the future will take us!

Keep It Beautiful

More than just the environmental impacts of cleaning up our community, we can make it a more beautiful and welcoming place. Numerous studies point to waste and litter in our streets and neighborhoods as having a negative impact on our community's health and sense of pride. When the community as a whole gets involved in cleaning up where we live, work and eat, it increases the cohesion amongst our citizens while also reducing any harmful waste and pollutants in our neighborhoods.


When Do We Meet?


As we are just beginning this venture together, we are still determining the best times for meeting up in our community. Tuesday's and Thursday's from 6 to 7PM is our current goal; though please comment with your information and your availability and we will adjust accordingly!


What To Bring

Garbage bags and gloves will be provided! Just bring your smile, a friend and sense of pride in your community and the passion to make change! But also don't forget water!

The Buddy System

When picking up waste in our neighborhoods, we recommend the buddy system as the most efficient method! Not only is it safer to stick together and work in numbers, but we can cover a greater area and be more effective with this strategy.