CAURD Candidate

Acadia - Family Owned and Operated CAURD Candidate

Acadia is a family business that has been in the New York State Hemp industry since 2019, closing in on almost four years of operations now. We have always been at the forefront of the retail cannabinoid industry, riding the ups and downs of the market, and abiding by the regulations put forth by the State. As we have been in the industry since the beginning, we are used to operating in an area of constant uncertainty. We believe that this is one of the key reasons that we have remained resilient. Regardless of regulatory uncertainty and the ongoing pandemic, we have gone forward to open four additional retail locations and build a team of 13 strong, with continued plans for expansion across New York State and beyond. 

In 2004, one of our co-owners was arrested and convicted of marijuana possession. This conviction made it extremely hard for them to find a job, resulting in a life of entrepreneurship and self-employment. In 2019 we started small, but now closing 2022, we find ourselves as justice involved owners, fitting the requirements put forward by the State for the CAURD license.

With our five retail locations and growing staff, we have the infrastructure in-place to move forward once licenses are awarded. We have made connections across the state for years, and some of the hemp farms we work with have received conditional grow licenses. Their harvests will be this fall for the first legal crop, and once we are legally able to move forward, we will be able to secure the necessary supply for our licensed locations. 

We are very excited for the years to come, and we truly hope that we can take part in this budding industry. Thank you! 

-The Acadia Team