The Acadia Family

Thank you so much for checking out Acadia Canna & Kratom! Our family's business journey began in 2019 with a small retail store at Four Corners, Penfield. Opening on June 1st, 2019, we started with our select product line of quality hemp derived cannabinoids, including the traditional tinctures, creams and gummies we have all grown to love! It was not until we began to see the research on Mitragynine coming out of the University of Rochester, that we began offering Kratom products alongside our traditional offerings. 

Within a year of opening our retail store, the pandemic began. We operated and navigated through a world of uncertainty, putting in place delivery options and curbside pickup to accommodate our growing yet weary customer base, and even opening more stores. We believe it is this fluidity and ability to overcome obstacles which has set us up for success. 

Our Team at Acadia consists of individuals from many backgrounds, careers and paths. We have on-boarded past teachers, lawyers, dispensary associates and even addiction peer advisors. We believe that a diverse group brings the best ideas to the table, and we want to make sure that each individual on our team has a voice. We don't just preach it, we show it in action; as over half of our team consists of women, minorities, LGBTQ+ and justice involved peoples. We truly believe that diversity has been the driver for growth and success for us. When people from various backgrounds connect and share ideas, that is when we all grow as well.


Thank you for stopping by!

- The Acadia Team