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What Types Of Kratom At Acadia

Kratom is indicated by the type and color of the veins of the leaf. There are three different colors in total: White, Green and Red. Gold is a mixture of 2 or more strains.





White Gold

Red Sumatra

Green Sumatra

Gold Dragon

White Jong Kong

Red Jong Kong

Green Jong Kong

Gold Bali

White Malay

Red Borneo

Green Borneo

White Maeng da

Red Kapuas

Green Maeng Da

White Bali

Red Elephant Thai

Green Thai

Red Dragon

Green Dragon

Red Bali

Green Bali

Kratom Brands Available

Kratom Brands:


OPMS Gold shots / capsules / bulk

OPMS Black shots / capsules / bulk
OPMS silver thai kratom / super green borneo
King kratom capsules

Mit gold standard mit go packblaze green energy  / red relaxed extract

Blaze kratom gummies / Blaze gold extract shots

HUSH ktatom extracts / soft gels
K shot's
MIT shots
Super k shots

k80 extract shot
LIT kratom shots
no265 kratom extract

lucky 80 shot

Kush kratom shot

EXP botanicals
Choice kratom shots green apple

Club 13 kratom shots





Korthals kratom chocolate / korthals kratom gummies

mitra9 go packs

Nava leaf cookies choco / cinnamon / vanilla

Inkateable kratom extract gummies

Acadia Mit kratom bites chocolates pumpkin spice milk choco peppermint peanut butter
dark choco

Acadia kratom gummies 

Acadia Kratom



Here at Acadia Canna & Kratom we strive to have the most Kratom products in Rochester NY. Not only do we have many different popular vendors and brands we also make our very own branded NANo Kratom shots, capsules & powder. We believe you will be quite content with our selection of products and quality. Please see the brands we offer below. If you have any questions about the types of Kratom strains view and select one the different strains above,