MIT45 Liquid Kratom Shot - 15mL Extract

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The MIT45 Gold Liquid Kratom Shot Extract is one of the most popular extracts available on the market. T Kratom Shots on the market the marketand for good reason! Each 15mL bottle is filled with a 45% full spectrum Mitragynine Extract.

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1 Shot ($19.99ea)

2 Shots ($18.99 ea)

5 Shots ($16.99 ea)

10 Shots ($15.99 ea)

30 Shots ($13.99 ea)

60 Shots ($12.99 ea)

120 Shots (11.99 ea)

How much MIT45 Liquid Kratom Extract should I take?

The MIT45 Liquid Kratom Extract comes with a reccomendation of 5 servings per container. The shot is 15mL total, making each does 3mL.

Who should take MIT45 Liquid Kratom Extract?

A kratom extract contains a highly concentrated amount of Mitragynine and other active alkloids. For that reason, if you do not have any prior use with kratom, it is recomended to begin with powder and capsules.


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    Posted by Coty Tellinghuisen on Aug 19th 2023

    As a stronger one I recommend for this for those who are experienced with kratom. It didn’t let me down ! Amazing