Korthals' No 395 - Kratom + Caffeine Chocolate Bars

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These velvety chocolate bars are designed to boost energy and may provide pain relief and mood enhancement. Each square contains 25mg mitragynine, 20mg caffeine, and 100mg Asian ginseng. The No 387 Kratom Chocolate is available in both milk and dark chocolate.

The ultimate fusion of indulgence and vitality. Crafted to elevate your senses, our velvety kratom bars are infused with a carefully balanced blend of natural ingredients to boost energy, enhance mood, and potentially offer pain relief. Available in two delectable varieties - milk chocolate and dark chocolate - each square of this exquisite treat contains 25mg of mitragynine, 20mg of caffeine, and 100mg of Asian ginseng.

Whether you crave the smooth sweetness of milk chocolate or the rich intensity of dark chocolate, kratom Chocolate Bars cater to your discerning taste. Energize your day and savor the potential benefits of this harmonious blend. Experience the perfect harmony of pleasure and well-being with chocolate caffeine bars, your delicious companion for a revitalizing journey.


Dark Chocolate: Organic Non-GMO Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Liquor, Sugar, Cocoa Butter), Mitragyna Speciosa Extract, Caffeine Powder, Asian Ginseng.

Milk Chocolate: Organic Non-GMO Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Liquor), Mitragyna Speciosa Extract, Caffeine Powder, Asian Ginseng.


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    Works great

    Posted by James Schall on Sep 23rd 2023

    Tastes good and is super relaxing I took bout 3 quarters of a piece